Shame on you!

Like the peddlers of snake oil, those who manufacture and supply electronic devices, which they know cause interference to the radio spectrum, must be named and shamed in to cleaning up their act; and we are not limiting ourselves to Power Line Technology! This dirty technology has the ability to render other wireless devices useless, and in many cases, it is breaking the law.

PLT Pushers

The following are pushing PLT on to the un-suspecting masses.

PLT Manufacturers

The following manufacturers are peddling PLT to the masses in an attempt to make a quick "buck" and in the process cause Harmful Interference to the radio spectrum.

PLT Suppliers

The following suppliers are openly selling PLT products despite the devices not passing EN55022.

If you have come across a manufacturer or supplier of devices which cause radio interference and we have not listed them here, please email us with the details and we will name them.

If your company is featured in on this page, the easiest way to be removed is to stop selling products which generate interference and fail EN55022!

Page updated: 15th August 2021

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