Videos demonstrating PLT's effect

Want to see some video nasties? Watch these videos of PLT in operation and what it does to radio.

Mike Trodd from UKQRM

Mike Trodd, founder of UKQRM was the first to put PLT and the interference to the HF radio spectrum together. Here are his videos demonstrating the effects.

Answering your questions about Shortwave radio or World Band Radio and the terrible interference caused by Power Line Transmissions, Power Line Adaptors or Power Line Ethernet. This is the UKQRM Press Release read for you by Norlei. Put simply in a non-technical way.

John Petters (G3YPZ)

John Petters (G3YPZ), Radio Amateur and Jazz musician, spent considerable time and effort with fellow Radio Amateur Ron to produce some startling results. In these videos, they prove that PLT is capable of operating as a radio system by the miraculous magic known as electromagnetic induction. When John challenged Ofcom about this fact, their response was to "seek legal advice". Funny, we thought that is what they are for?!

Belkin, Devolo & Comtrend Powerline Adaptors are transmitters Part 1.
Belkin, Devolo & Comtrend Powerline Adaptors are transmitters Part 2
Devolo dLan 200 AVplus Powerline adaptors transmitting wirelessly.
Belkin Gigabit HD PLAs Tested Against s116 of the Wireless Telegraphy Act.
Belkin Gigabit HD PLAs Tested Against s116 of the Wireless Telegraphy Act - Part 2.
Belkin Gigabit HD PLAs shutting down in the presence of RF fields. EMC Regs 2006 4(2)b.
Belkin Gigabit HD Powerline Adaptors wiping out DAB Radio.
Belkin Gigabit Powerline Adaptors interfering with Ambulance & ILS frequencies.

Nigel G7CNF

Radio Amateur, Nigel G7CNF, demonstrates HPA-based PLT wiping out shortwave broadcast radio ...

... and DAB radio.

How to create a PLT network between your house and your neighbour's - proving the signal does not stop at the fuse-board or meter.

PLT interference to Citizens' Band

PLT wiping out the HF radio spectrum used by Citizens' Band.

Broadband over Power Line in Australia

Are you ready for BPL in your neighbourhood?
Broadband over Power Line trials in North Hobart, Australia, are wiping out the HF radio spectrum!

Broadband over Power Line in the United States

BPL UNREDACTED: ARRL's Dave Sumner reviews redacted FCC info on BPL interference.
The truth about Broadband over Power Lines - BPL.

Page updated: 15th August 2021

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